Satya College of Nursing provides facilities for separate hostel accommodation for boys and girls. The hostels are spacious, safe and secured with a cordial environment . The hostel can accominodate  200 students all rooms have ceiling fans, cooler each student is provided with almirah, writing table , chairs, bed matters.

There is attached common room with adequate sitting arrangement , music system, TV and indoor games have been played for recreation 24 hours electricity and maintenance backup .Hot water in winter.

  •  Students are requiredicibring their own personal articles.
  •  All electriCal appliances are strictly prohibited
  •  well discipline.
  •  Recreation Room

Mess and Dining: Adequate proper dining tables and chairs . The mess is run on contract bases. The .hostel provides hygienic  and wholesome meals nutritions.

Hot food serving meals is provided according to menu prepared by the warden and students. cleaning system is followed water cooler and aquaguard in mess and on each floor. vial stafffor cleaning mess and hostel pecial diet is given to six:students during festivals.

Mess Timing:

                             Break Fast       -          7:30 to 8:30                                             Lunch       -        1:00 to 2:00 pm

                             Tea                   -          4:30 pm                                                    Dinner      -         7:00 to 9:00 pm




                                                        HOSTEL RULES & REGULATIONS 


1.)       Staying in hostel in compulsory only in extraordinary circumstances the candidate may be allowed to stay out with the permission of principal.

2.)       No student shall keep any unauthorized person in the room. If a student is found to have a person in her room, she will be libel to summary expulsion.

3.)       The students must show their hostel fee receipts to the warden before admission to the hostel.

4.)       Each student must keep the room clean allotted to her. The hostellers will be held jointly responsible for any damage to the room or its furniture, if it is not confirmed that which particular person has caused the damage.

5.)       Students should have a proper dress during mealtime.

6.)       The hostel shall have a common mess for all the students which shall be under the control of warden and will be based on contribution or otherwise as the majority of the hostellers would require and as it will be convenient to the institution.

7.)       The main gate of the hostel remains locked at 8 P.M.

8.)       Electrician, contractors or any other service person may enter rooms and when necessary in the course of their duty under the direction of the hostel warden. However every effort will be made to respect the privacy and dignity of the hostilities.

9.)       All visitors must register at the guard house and provide all the details and documents as requested by Security before entering the hostel complex. All visitors must leave the hostel complex by 6:00 P.M.

10.)    Hostilities can terminate the hostel tenancy by giving at least one month’s written notice.

11.)    Hostilities are required to carry their I/D card with photograph at all the time in the compound of the complex.

12.)    The hostel management is not responsible for any loss of private property. Hostilities are strongly advised to lock all your valuable e.g. watches, money etc all times.

13.)    Keeping mobile and electric appliances in the rooms is also prohibited.

14.)    Outing is permitted every 3rd Sunday with their parents/ guardians/ warden only.

15.)    One night pass in twice a month is allowed.

16.)    Illness should be reported to the warden immediately.

17.)    Students are allowed to use phone with the permission of warden from 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. daily and 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. on Sunday.

18.)    Hostilities are expected to display acceptable form of behavior, maintain discipline and decorum in the hostel complex. 

19.)    Hostilities must return to the hostel by 6 p.m. and are, not allowed to leave the hostel before 9 a.m. 

20.)    Hostilities will be allowed to stay out of the hostel on submission of proper application duly signed by parent and only if the permission granted in writing by the principal. 

21.)    Television, Radio etc provided in the common room must be switched off or volume toned down after 10 p.m. 

22.)     Hostilities are responsible for keeping their room and the common areas in the hostel such visitor’s area bathrooms, staircase and common room etc clean and tidy of all times.

23.)     All fans, lights and electrical appliances must be switched off when not in use and before leaving the room.

24.)    Pasting of posters, writings, wall chalking, slogans of any kind or defacing the hostel in any form is not allowed 

25.)    The hostel management reserves the right to make spot check on the hostel and rooms without having to give prior notice to the students.  

26.)     Students are not allowed to meet any visitor not mentioned in the list of visitors, permitted by her parents /guardian.

Note : Rules and Regulation are subject to change whenever felt necessary by the authorities.   (after rule and regulation )

Visitors Rooms:

Visitors room in there where the students may recieve their realtives. The timing for visitors are 4:30 to 7:00 pm on all days and 11:00 am to 7:30pm. Visitors must sign in register with the chowkidar at on Sunday and other Holidays gate every time day visit.


A tastefully Designed structure all aspect of a fully provisioned café have been ensured.

The special features of this café are:-

Ø Adequate seating facilities

Ø Proper music and TV facilities

Ø Proper equipment for hygienic preservation & storage

Ø Full arrangements for organizing birthday and other parties at affordable rates.

Ø Catering during Picnics, other parties and special meals on notice.

Ø Food from outside not permitted.


Recreation Room : Is equipped with all recreational facilities


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