Rules & Regulations

The following are the general rules & regulations :-

  • The admission will be given to the deserving students possessing the prescribed qualification.
  • The students will be required to maintain a high standard of discipline throughout their stay at the institute. A student may be fine/expelled from the Institute. No refund will be allowed in this case. 
  • In all matters/disputes the decision of the managing committee will be final.
  • No students in expected to take law in his/her own hands. In the event of dispute, a complaint In writing is made to the Principal who will entertain the same.
  • No student will be permitted to include in politics of any kind during the course of his/her study in the institute.
  • It will be duty of the candidate to fulfill all the documents, payments and certificate etc. demanded by the institute.
  • The student will be struck off the rolls for absence or Non-payment of dues. She/He can however, be considered for the readmission after payment of dues and readmission fees.
  • The time-table of the Institute will be observed by the students.
  • The students will be given leave from the institute as and when it is absolutely necessary.
  • There will be regular classes from the starting of the session, Students will have to wear prescribed uniform.
  • Prescribe attendance is must in class demonstration, practicals, clinics and hospital otherwise students will not be allowed to sit in the annual examination of board & university.
  • No student shall include in mass bunk of classes, other wise they will be fined.
  • Students are advised not to brak the furniture & laboratory equipments, if they found guilty they will be fined.


  • Students are expected to maintain punctuality throungout training period i.e class room, clinical area,hostel,visiting of visitors, S.O.P(student outgoing permission), leave, examination hall, Evaluation.
  • Fees are payable in advance. fees and other charges once pay by the candidates are not refundable.
  • Leave application shoud be signed by parents/guardians.
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited.
  • An identity card will be issued to all the students admitted to the institution.
  • The students will be required to complete at least 85% of Theory lectures and 100% practical.
  • The institute reserve the right to alter or add any item in the college rules regulation whenever required.


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